Esopus (2002-2008)
Folk Music for the End of the World
A compilation of recordings by Yer Bird Records artists as well as some of their favorite musicians.
1. Paleo - Swimming in Money
2. Chris Bathgate - A Flash of Light Followed By
3. Alina Simone - Gunshots | Lyrics

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4. Chauchat - Smokin' Paint
5. Hayden - Message From London
6. Allyn Latorre - On the Banks of the River
7. J. Tillman - Barter Blues
8. Oweihops - Sad Little Drunks
9. Sarah White - Part of the Story
10. Elephant Micah - Korean Sunset
11. Nic Garcia - Torn Up in the Machine
12. O'Death - Angeline
13. The Hotel Ghost - Lay Me Down
14. Travel By Sea - Too Much Too Quickly
15. The Gunshy - No One Remembers the Drunk
16. Matthew Ryan - Gone For Good
17. Hezekiah Jones - Mississippi Sea
Make Your Own Danger
Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware!
Prettier in the Dark
Raw Demos (2002-2008)
Compilation: Esopus
Compilation: End of the World
Snowfall & Starlight
The Artificial Sea: Unwritten
The Artificial Sea: City Island
Live sessions