Esopus (2002-2008)
Esopus 5: Audio-Visuals
Esopus invited 12 musicians to pick a work of visual art they recalled as having been significant to them at some point in their lives and then use it as inspiration.
1. Cadence Weapon, “God Bless My Brother”
2. Jim White, “Plywood Superman”
3. The Mountain Goats, “Porcile”
4. Alina Simone, “On Being Complicated” | Lyrics

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5. Josephine Foster, “Two-Harp Blues”
6. Autoparty, “Juliette vs. the Ink Blot”
7. Meg Murray, “Ode to Bunnatine”
8. Sankofa, “They All Die”
9. Jesus Licks, “Terrible Beauty”
10. Kevin Blechdom, “Dying Robot”
11. Grasshopper w/ O.C.D. Bottle Factory, “Back in No Time”
12. Britta Phillips, “Song of You”
Make Your Own Danger
Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware!
Prettier in the Dark
Raw Demos (2002-2008)
Compilation: Esopus
Compilation: End of the World
Snowfall & Starlight
The Artificial Sea: Unwritten
The Artificial Sea: City Island
Live sessions